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Common Car Battery Questions

At ABA Batteries, we understand that replacing a car battery can be confusing – how do you know which battery you will need? How many volts, CCAs and amp hours do you require? Our experienced team of battery professionals at ABA Batteries are here to help make the process of replacing your car battery quick, easy and stress free.

1. How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Battery?how much does it cost to replace a car battery

The cost to replace a car battery typically starts at around $100, but depending on the make, model and engine type of your vehicle, can increase to $250 and higher. For example, a 2004 Holden Astra can cost between $189.75 and $343.50 for a new battery but a 2013 Subaru XV could cost between $481.25 and $858.

2. How Long Does A Car Battery Last In Australia?

How long a car battery lasts primarily depends on where you live and how you drive, but on average a car battery will last between 3 and 4 years.

3. How Often Do You Need To Replace A Car Battery?

As the average lifespan of a car battery is 3 to 4 years, it’s best to replace your car battery once every 3 and a half years to avoid unexpected breakdowns. Past this point, your battery is considered unreliable and continuing to drive your car would be unsafe for you and your passengers.

4. How Do You Know If Your Car Needs A New Battery?how do you know if your car needs a new battery

6 common signs that your car needs a new battery includes:

  • A slow cranking engine that takes longer than normal to start
  • Check engine light on your dash
  • If the fluid level of your battery is below the lead plates
  • A swollen, bloated battery case as a result of excessive heat
  • Leaking around the positive and negative terminals
  • If the battery is more than 3 years old

5. Is It The Alternator Or The Battery?

As the alternator keeps your battery charged, it can be easy to mistake your car not starting as a dead battery. Here’s how to tell whether it’s a dead battery or a failed alternator:

DEAD BATTERYis it the alternator or the battery

  • A low whining sound when you attempt to start the car
  • Jump starting gets your car going again – until you try to start the car after it’s been shut off


  • You can smell burning rubber or hot wires (your alternator overheating)
  • Your headlights or dash lights flicker, get extra dim, or extra bright
  • A jump start will start your car but it won’t keep running

6. Can A Bad Alternator Ruin A Battery?

A bad alternator will not charge a battery, and depending on the state of the alternator, can cause damage to your battery – so always ensure that when replacing your alternator, that your battery and charging systems are also checked for damage and failure.

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